I’m Matt McQuillan, a descendant of William McQuillan, who immigrated to the United States from Ireland sometime in the 1850s. I’ve run this site for over twenty years, and though it’s been down in the past, I’ve been excited to get it back online and share what I have.

My goal with this site is to share the artifacts I have of my family. This site will primarily focus on the descendants of William McQuillan with the goal of getting these artifacts posted in an unstructured way to promote sharing.

When posting on this site, I'll make sure to post the front and back of the artifact if it provides helpful information. I'll label the artifact with the head of household when appropriate or list out names when known. If the artifact has additional context around it, I'll write that out under the images.

If you have information about the artifact you'd like to share or correct, please email me with a link. My email is matt at the url of this site.

For the more structured family history, I am focusing my efforts on Ancestry.com right now and, at some point, will convert that into something more durable.