My Family, My History
Hello and welcome to my family web site. This site has been a labor of love for about eight years. I have been very fortunate to be blessed with an incredible family and a relatively well documented genealogy. You will find my family tree here which I am trying to research in my spare time. It can be a challenge to find the time with two very energetic children.

On this site you will also find information about the historical roots of the McQuillan's. As McQuillan's can now be found all over the planet, there are many variations on the name and some of the information on this site is relevant to us all. Here are a few of the variations I have come across for the McQuillan name: McQuillen, McQuillin, McQuillian, MacQuillan, MacQuillen, MacQuillin, MacQuillien, McQuellin, Quillan, Quillen and Quillian.